maths musings pt. ii - electric mathaloo

16.05.21 3:55pm

i have given up and become a traitor - mathclub.io is now live and it features all sorts of "new web hotness" like node.js and mongodb and google cloud and so forth. at this rate i'll be learning react by summer. god save me.

why this website is so bad

09.04.21 2:49pm

when people see my website they often say "this is bad". i agree with them. it's on purpose.
recently I've been making more web stuff and it's such a pain. i've built stuff with the old web hotness (apache, php, wordpress) and the new web hotness (monogodb, node.js, express) and i've done it on all these 'innovative' and 'scalable' cloud platforms and it gets in the way. there is something so comforting about being able to have a blog.html file on one crappy web 1.0 server and just edit it live when I want something to change. no complicated unit testing, ui frameworks, backend tomfoolery. monke happy.

on Comic Sans

11.03.21 10:52pm

we designers often scoff at comic sans and how awful it is as a font - but I think we miss the whole point. comic sans represents the desktop media revolution. people who have no idea what they are doing are now making stuff and they do it with horrible colour palletes and comic sans. millions of people use comic sans for their funerals and tattoos and gravestones because they choose to. it speaks to them, and who are we to deny that? comic sans is a true working class hero.

maths musings

17.10.20 11:35pm

ok so I've been thinking about this for a while: why do i believe so strongly that mathematics should be shortened to maths? could it be that i have been lied to? see I just realised that i shorten gymnastics club to gym club rather than gyms club
update: i have realised statistics is stats and not stat.
now i don't know where i stand.

ok so I'm calling henry and he says that "lego" is both a singular and plural noun eg "you dropped your lego, pick them up."
however americans would say "you dropped your legos, pick them up" and in THIS CASE i would agree with the americans.

CARBOHYDRATES == CARBS and not "carb" that makes SENSE


17.10.20 11:34pm

we have shot a man to the MOON and yet we still don't know how eels are made. THEY DISAPPEAR to the ATLANTIC for MONTHS and then come back with MORE EELS. what are they doing??!

freedia mandem

17.10.20 11:30pm

big freedia got arrested for failing to pay taxes.